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GNO STEM works to connect instructors with aides and programs to assist teachers in creating learning environments where students discover how to discuss and communicate ideas, listen and work with others, and think like scientists.  The organization assists students in developing foundational STEM skills that fuel their curiosity, interest and aptitude in science, technology, engineering, and math.

GNO STEM provides quality teacher professional development, hands-on STEM camps for students and teachers, and organized successful community STEM events that draw thousands of K-12 students, families, and teachers.  The priority and central focus of GNO STEM has always been, and will continue to be, providing quality teaching in STEM through teacher professional development and engaging and exciting students to better prepare them for STEM careers.


To effectively stimulate the curiosity of students in science, technology, engineering, and math through collaboration with business, educational institutions, and the greater community.


A community where all students are exposed to an enriching STEM Education so they can succeed today and be prepared for tomorrow.


GNO STEM is committed to effective STEM education for the betterment of our community. GNO STEM is guided by the following values:

GNO STEM will inspire teachers and students through access to teaching aides and programs through hands-on, inquiry-based learning and technology.

GNO STEM’s programs and events will provide exposure to STEM activities, professionals and resources to motivate thinking of STEM as it pertains to everyday life.

GNO STEM’s programs will have lasting impacts on educators and students, enabling critical thinking and ultimately fostering student proficiency and interest in STEM subjects and careers.

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Promoting Quality Teaching

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Jennifer B. LaCoste
Executive Director

Cathie Smith
Director of Education

Greater New Orleans STEM Initiative
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