Join the GNO STEM Animation Technology Challenge for Middle School Students – MAY 10

Join the GNO STEM Animation Technology Challenge for Middle School Students, May 10, 2023

GNO STEM is happy to announce a competition for grades 5-8 featuring student teams presenting an original animated video highlighting an important mathematics or science concept using various software applications. The math or science concept is subject to the approval of each teams’ classroom teacher, thus effectively integrating technology skills into the science or math classroom and challenging students to be leaders in the digital age.

The competition will include 10 teams of 2 - 5 students per team. Participating schools are encouraged to hold a school-based challenge to determine the team advancing to the competition. The competition will be held at WYES-TV studios and judged by local industry professionals.

Funding for the competition is provided by the Greater New Orleans Region One Center for STEM.

Download more information, HERE.  Get the Animation Scoring Rubric, HERE.

About the Project:

Animation is defined as an original project consisting of a sequence of images of still figures that are manipulated to appear as moving images in a video. It is the art and science of manipulating still pictures, images or figures so that they appear to move.

Animation can be stop-motion animation, computer-generated imagery (CGI), or a
combination of both. Student projects may include short movies, comical shorts, music videos, and other examples where students use a variety of animation techniques in their final product. The video should be no more than 5 minutes in length, and citations for sources should be included as well as permissions for any nonstudent produced

Software for the project may include, but is not limited to the following examples:

• Adobe Animate CC
• Alice
• Animation Desk
• Blender
• Crayola Easy Animation Studio
• Flipnote Studio 3D
• iStopMotion
• PowToon
• Scratch
• StikBot
• Toon Boom
• Toontastic

The Competition:

The competition will be held at WYES television studios on May 10; however, videos must be submitted by May 3. Judges will view each team video. In addition, students should prepare an oral presentation no longer than 5 minutes in length explaining how they selected and used the software application(s) to produce their video. Each
team member is expected to participate in the oral presentation. Teams may create a poster or PowerPoint to use in their oral presentation.

Awards for Classroom STEM Teaching Supplies:
Winning teams will be awarded a gift card to be used by their teacher for STEM classroom teaching supplies.

• 1st Place Team – $500

• 2nd Place Team – $300

• 3rd Place Team – $100

Deadline for Submissions:

May 3, 2023


May 10, 2023


916 Navarre Ave, New Orleans, LA

Registration is limited! Register soon at:

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