About Us

The Greater New Orleans STEM Initiative (formerly Core Element) provides kindergarten through 12th grade math and science teachers with the tools and resources they need to deliver hands-on, minds-on learning opportunities in the classroom. GNOSTEM’s teacher professional development programs ensure that students receive the rigorous and enriched classroom instruction they need to encourage critical thinking and ultimately foster student proficiency and interest in STEM subjects and careers.

Since 2007, GNOSTEM has trained more than more than 700 teachers and impacted thousands of students. Through teacher professional development, GNOSTEM equips the next generation of students with the STEM skills and knowledge to become truly engaged citizens in our community.


The mission of GNOSTEM is to effectively stimulate the curiosity of students in science, technology, engineering and math through collaborations with businesses, educational institutions, and the greater community.


A community where all students are exposed to an enriching STEM Education so they can succeed today and be prepared for tomorrow.